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For some time Dr. Jekyll renounced the dark indulgences of Hyde, but the demon long caged began to burst forth more malignant and often than before. As Jekyll's alter ego plunged deeper into vice, his trail was soon strewn with victims of his depravity.


After the scandal created by Hyde, Jekyll was expelled from London society and Jekyll soon realized at last that the evil nature to which he had voluntarily yielded, now threatened to dominate his whole life. Jekyll, now resolved to what he had become, fled to New York in 1931 where he founded this club where he could continue his work and would be accepted for what he had become.


His club became a social meeting place for explorers, philosophers, biologists and other learned men whose exploits into science and adventure were too bizarre and unorthodox for their colleagues in accepted society; So Jekyll and Hyde was born, a club for eccentric explorers and mad scientists.


The walls of Jekyll and Hyde are filled with the souvenirs and trophies of Dr. Jekyll's bizarre exploits and those of his wacky world traveling friends. We invite you to study this unique collection of oddities; Their histories are summarized on plaques throughout the club. Much of the memorabilia has a life of its own, so guests are warned.

the tale of Dr. Jekyll & Hyde

Henry Jekyll was an idealist and philanthropist, a doctor of medicine by profession. In 1927 he was a leader of the Explorers' and Chemists' Club of London and a respected member of English Society. But Dr. Jekyll was not interested in common medicine, instead he was fascinated by man's two separate natures, good and evil. He began experiments which led to his metamorphosis into a diabolical mad man whom he later named Hyde.

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